Short sets of RAMONES covers by...., Capitol Guitar All Stars, JIRO, Impaler, The Red Flags, Flamin' Oh's, GST with Natalie Lovejoy, The Ramins, The Stonedest, Bob Loblaw, New Rocket Union, The Silent Treatment, Rammonestein, The 99ers, The Emilys, Al Grande Band, Poor Failey, The Silverteens, Nick Rod, DJ Rock the Monkey, DJ Travo Ramo Fa Fa Fa from KFAI

Sat ยท May 19, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$10 suggested Donation at the door, for Cancer Research

This event is 21 and over

Capitol Guitar All Stars
Impaler celebrates their 31st year of Shock Rock in 2014. They recently released their 12th album: "30 Years & Rising" last year.

Impaler is a Minnesota horror rock band from the Twin Cities. The band formed in the spring of 1983. Impaler has a theatrical show which features fake blood, cages, coffins, latex severed heads and a finale that includes a mock disemboweling of victims.

Impaler recorded demo tapes which caught the ear of Important Record Distributors and lead to the band being signed to the in-house labels IRD Records and Combat Records. They released two records with these labels, the first being the Rise Of The Mutants EP (1985)which caused much controversy with Tipper Gore and her P.M.R.C. organization. The record cover was also used as a prop in the cult horror movie Trick or Treat.
The Red Flags
Driving guitar rock with more hooks than a tackle box...
Flamin' Oh's
Flamin' Oh's
Robert Wilkinson - guitar and vocals

Bob Burns - keyboards and vocals

Terry Isachsen - guitar

Jenny Case - bass and vocals

Sean Sauder - drums
GST with Natalie Lovejoy
New Rocket Union
New Rocket Union
The Silent Treatment
The 99ers
The 99ers
Old School Punk band from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
The Silverteens
DJ Rock the Monkey
Will spin records for beer.
Venue Information:
James Ballentine VFW
2916 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, 55408